Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Kate Moss for Topshop

So, launch day has rolled around already.

The hoardes came, but weren't quite as huge as we had all led to expect. Kate made a brief appearance from behind some glass, and the label tells me i can expect "looks from future seasons". The label lies.

I didn't brave oxford street this morning, but i did check out what my local store had to offer by way of miss moss's designs. What I found was a puny rail of exceedingly poorly cut clothes which looked like they were from three seasons ago. They included, I kid you not, a shimmery gold floor length skirt. I'll just allow that to sink in a moment.

Admittedly, I did buy a black waistcoat and two vests, but the cut on the waistcoat is a bit odd and I got it out of desperate need for a masculine edge to the myriad dresses I have for summer.

In conclusion, unless you are a fashion designer, your line for a high street shop is likely to be poor, because you will, as it looks like kate has done, look in your wardrobe one afternoon and think "this'll do", and then sketch it on the back of a napkin to give to phillip green.