Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Ug Bet

There are two things going against Betty Suarez as a fashion icon, as well as the fact that she doesn't really exist.

Firstly, she is meant to be UGLY! Come on, it's in the title.

And secondly, if she wasn't ugly, we wouldn't love her as much! But she HAS managed to channel some covetable and very 'this season' looks.

1. Untamed brows. The catwalks were full of them! A warning on this one though; DO NOT STOP PLUCKING ALTOGETHER. YOU SHOULD STILL HAVE TWO DISTINCT EYEBROWS.

2. Plaid. Betty wears lots, and it sure looks cute in a shirt.

3. Peter Pan collars. These work on everyone, this is something even lola and me agree on.

4. Colour on colour. I love this, and sometimes it looks better when it is ever so slightly 'off', colours which just might go.

And you know, that puffy coat just might remind me of the Prada parka...

1 comment:

F.M. said...

Truth - Ugly Betty is a trendsetter!