Tuesday, 24 April 2007



1. There is no better accessory than a well-dressed man; Anita Pallenberg knew this when she famously encouraged Keith Richards to wear her clothes. Whether or not you change him as often as you change your shoes is entirely up to you.

2. Taking inspiration from non-fashion photographs puts an interesting spin on your style, whether it’s the way an elderly woman wears her headscarf in a Bruce Gilden snapshot or, in the case of the boyfriend, a tattoo of Lenin in a Russian documentary piece.Don't ask.

3. Wearing black is more chic than ever in light of this shitty nu-rave revival. Imagine Karl Lagerfeld wearing Cassette Playa. Disgusting.

4. Look at charity shop windows when you’re on the bus and you’re sure to spot the new love of your life. However, be warned – what might look like a dead ringer for a 2.55 when you’re moving past at 35 miles an hour might turn out to be a greying clutch from Mark One with a cigarette burn up close.

5. Apparently deliberately messy hair, plaid shirts and grubby second-hand boots are now synonymous with teenagers whose parents have boats. I learnt this at art school. Whether or not you want to cultivate this image is entirely up to you.

6. At some stage you will look at photographs of yourself as a child and think “I looked more stylish at ten than I do now”. Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate the merits of matching your dungarees with your shoes.

7. When buying mannish trousers, buy them two sizes too big and belt them tightly at the waist. It looks very Patti Smith meets lesbian from the 30s and yesterday the boyfriend dubbed it “Raunchy”.

8. Cigarette holders are genuinely cool. Fuck off.

9. Watch the film “Breathless” by Jean Luc Goddard. Jean Seberg’s delightfully short hair will make you reach for the clippers and you will never again underestimate the power of Breton stripes. That goes for men too.

10. Those studded leather biker gloves with no fingers look fantastic with rolled-up sleeves. Stop laughing and fuck off to Camden market, I’m serious.

Images:Der Kaiser; Jean Seberg and her difficult crop; Corey Kennedy displays “I’m not moneyed, honest!” to a tee.

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