Tuesday, 24 April 2007

"I resent that being a jew is so hip now"

A list by molly.

1. The bigger your bag, the thinner you look. I swear this works. A word of warning on this one though - since a whole winter of lugging around a holdall on my arm my back has a permanent lean to the left. This also works for long necklaces, but don't ask me how (slimming, not back pain inducing).

2. Inspiration comes from odd places sometimes, but nu-ravers seem to have been looking at my twelve year old self. I wore cycling shorts. I think we both know that is all that needs to be said.

3. I think that I say "Oh, isn't that HORRIBLE? I LOVE it!" too much.

4. I really wish I could have been a beat poet, so I bought a breton striped t shirt.

5. Kingston's second h&m store is opening shortly, since the other one became too full of M by madonna and fucking ugly printed hoodies. Report coming soon.

6. Maxi dresses are unflattering unless you have completely evenly matched tits and hips. I don't.

"Don't call me whitney, bobby" by The Islands is all that is cheering me up right now. Oh, and talking to lola about our not-so-secret joy at patrick wolf quitting music. He was the worst culprit of leggings as trousers, and he had a penis, which we have all basically seen now. Wait a second while I just go and TEAR OUT MY RETINAS.

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