Friday, 25 May 2007


(OKAY, so we fucked up again with the posting. It's by Molly, not Lola, blah blah blah. We're not Bill Gates, and we're still not totally great with this "blogging" thing.)

1. The minimum amount of clothes in not necessarily the coolest option. Cropped tops and hotpants look awful, unless the hotpants are highwaisted or teamed with some kind of cute ruffly chloe inspired muslin-y shirt.

2. Since when did it become okay for men to roll up their jeans to make little capri pants? This is only okay if you are channeling robinson crusoe for some kind of purpose that i can't really imagine right now, or if your jeans are drainpipes and you have curly hair. I don't know why the curls help but they really do.

3. Though i have seen it on every girl with a semblance of style recently, you can never go wrong with a little floral dress and a cardigan. It is the sort of outfit which impresses your boyfriend's parents, but also looks good for evening in an "I have just thrown this old thing on but i work it, don't you think?" way. N.B. if your floral dress is from Kate Moss for topshop, be more careful. The fit on the chest is seriously not right.

4. If you sweat, don't wear grey marl. This applies to both sexes.

5. Swimsuits are for the beach! I get people wandering into the shop i work at in bournemouth in just bikinis and no shoes. That isn't okay.

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discothequechic said...

HA! who wears swimsuits in the city? Well, obviously the people who walk into the shop you work at...

silly people.

I like the image of the frilly top and hotpants, especially a D&G pair that I saw in a magazine recently. They are dark denim with strips of patent leather across them and look fantastic.


S xx