Tuesday, 8 May 2007


“[Style achieves] Sex. A husband. Admiration. Self-esteem. Confidence. Fun. You can have so much fun playing with bits of jewellery. It’s fun to look at someone looking good” – Isabella Blow in The Cheap Date Guide To Style

I think it’s only fair to post regarding the untimely death of a fashion icon. Isabella Blow, who sadly died yesterday at the age of 48, had succeeded in turning herself into something akin to a graphic piece of fashion iconography, her retro maquillage and neat skirt suits as instantly recognisable as the flash of red on the sole of a Louboutin. Quite apart from her much-trumpeted eye for fashion discoveries, she knew the power of “actressing” as a way of dressing; she often chose her look by imagining that she was Wallis Simpson, the elegant woman who Prince Edward abdicated for in 1936. Also worthy of a mention is the fact that she was once photographed wearing a hat whch spelt out “BLOW” in flimsy white letters, which is sort of tenuously rude and yet appropriate and wonderful.


Images: Isabella Blow - now visiting the great milliner in the sky; her beloved Wallis Simpson.

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funnyface said...

*tear* i read the news today and i am sad that the fashion world has lost such an innovative and crazy creative person. she will forever bring inspiration.

*ps I am SO digging ur blog! makes me smile :]