Monday, 14 May 2007

Your Beauty Is A Knife

Please note that due to a technical hitch this post is not, in fact, by Lola. It is by Molly. We're still figuring this joint posting thing out, alright?

Another list!

1. Lola and Freddie are hosting a sixties night on friday, and what to wear is becoming an issue. I have the choice of two outfits or a combination of both, and the weather forecast tells me it is going to be nineteen degrees, so bear that in mind!

First choice: a black boat necked shift with black leggings, pumps and a black cropped waistcoat over it.

Second choice: black straight leg jeans, navy and white breton striped top, and black waistcoat and pumps.

Third choice: breton top with shift layered over, leggings and pumps.

Any preferences?

2. I have a picture of a girl I cut out of a magazine months ago, and I have decided she is my fashion muse for the summer. She has a really blunt fringe, which I am going to get cut back in as soon as my bank account is is positive numbers again, and she has a pet mouse. I can't even explain how much I want a pet mouse.

3. I had an argument with one of my closest friends at university over whether some zara flip flops covered in huge gems a la burberry prorsum worked or not. The crunch came over the tacky level of said gems, and I have to say I was firmly in the love rather than the hate camp. She still put me off them, though.

I am afraid coursework is leading to minimal blogging from Molly, but I shall be back with a vengance shortly!

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