Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Sorry for the meagre blogging

from me, i would blab on about what thrilling things i have been doing, but in truth i have been spending my time lurking about in woods acting as a photography assistant to lola and working in a shitty high street shoe chain.

In this post I'd like to draw your attention to Tracyanne Campbell from the Glasgow based band Camera Obscura. Not only do I think her music is pretty neat, but i think her clothes are pretty hot too. Bowing to the trend, I'll use the format of a list.

p.s. in the group pictures, Tracyanne is the one with darker hair.

1. Tracyanne has a sharp, blunt haircut. This enables her to wear more feminine clothes without succumbing to twee, and this is something which at times i tread the line of myself. Cutesy she ain't.

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2. She has a penchant for vintage dresses, but not the cliche kind, but the type your gran might actually have worn. Somehow, with her bob, she looks 'ugly but in a good way'. I know what I'm talking about, look at the pictures, yeah?

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3. She sometimes wears boyish clothes, or actual mens clothes, and I love that. Men's tee shirts are always a better fit, mens jeans and chinos look cute in an "I just slung these on because I found them on the floor, but i still look hot" way. And breton t shirts should be a wardrobe staple for days when you want to channel someone hot and french, be it lou dillon or edith piaf.

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Again, this is by Molly.

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